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30-000030 eFECT Military Maintenance Tool
The eFECT (Field Expedient Cleaning Tool) was developed for the distinct purpose of maintaining a soldier or Marine’s weapon. Built for the M16A/M4 it incorporates components that make field maintenance of a weapon faster and more precise. It is compatible and interchangeable with Otis Breech-to-Muzzle components. It features all locking tools including a rotateable front sight adjustment tool, carbon scraper, pin punch, and flat driver. Otis brush and curved pick and ACU MolleMolle
Molle Carrying System: Stands for Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment. A load-carrying system that’s modular, durable, comfortable, and fully integrated.

It consists of a butt pack, a main ruck with sustainment pouches and sleeping bag compartment attached to an external frame.

There is also a patrol pack, which can be used separately or combined with the main ruck for added load carrying capability. MOLLE can be configured in several different variations to fit the load handling needs of the mission.

A connecting device on the vest is designed so that the external frame of the main ruck attaches to the waist belt of the vest to transfer the load from the shoulders and back to the hips where it can be carried much easier with less fatigue.
A method for carrying a knife, tool, light, etc., on your belt, pack or anywhere a strap is. Sheaths are made of ballistic nylon, leather, kydex and various other materials. Sheaths usually come with a Velcro or snap closure.


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